Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fuck Sharing is Caring !!

Not disclosing names, but saw some shares about a hit and run case on an animal; people on facebook are sheer dumb to share such stuff. Fucking don't share because you are feeding to the viral video makers, who fucking didn't help in the first place. Psychologically, people are going to be used to this stuff; exact opposite of your intentions. Also, agonizing a media with psychologically dreading video is one thing but posting a caption, dissing whole of humanity is another. One of the main reasons viral videos are born is because you fucking share; FUCKING don't share. The fucking cameraman should have been helping if no help was around, instead of filming the scene. Making a statement about humanity, while filming a scene about how no one helped a scene, says a lot about you than others. Fucking stop the camera and help. And, please shut the fuck up about caring for the dog, sitting on a couch, watching it over an iMac. Fucking stop, okay?

Update: Also, why I didn't post the video link, well of course I didn't! And, same goes for all the gore videos of people being mutilated as well, this is fucking life and not some SAW movie.